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Bremerhaven lies 57 km north of Bremen, where the river Geeste joins the Weser, just before the Weser flows into the North Sea. It is part of the Land of Bremen, though separated from Bremen by some Lower Saxon area. Bremerhaven is an active port, with the biggest fishing harbour in mainland Europe and a large number of docks handling ocean-going vessels. It is home to an institute of marine research as well. Located opposite the town of Nordenham, it has a population of 116,000, spread over an area of 80 sq km.

How to Get There:
The closest major airport is Hamburg Airport, 94 km from the center of Bremerhaven, Germany. Bremerhaven Airport is a regional airport in Luneort, a district of Bremerhaven, Germany, 7.6 km from the city centre. Bremerhaven has three active passenger rail stations, the main one in the city centre, Bremerhaven-Lehe to the north and Bremerhaven-Wulsdorf south. Bremerhaven's central station has only regional connections to Bremen, Cuxhaven, Osnabruck and Hamburg. Due to its unique geographic situation, Bremerhaven has been connected to the autobahn network only since the late 1970s. The A 27 connects Bremerhaven to Bremen and Cuxhaven. Road connections to Hamburg, however, are far from satisfactory. Container traffic is dense.

What to See:
Bremerhaven has only a few historical buildings, and the high street and city centre are post-war. The main attractions for tourists are the German Maritime Museum (Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum) on the historical harbour with many museum ships, such as the Type XXI U-boat Wilhelm Bauer, the Seute Deern (a three-masted sailing vessel), and the Hansekogge, a vintage ship dating from 1380. The Bremerhaven aquarium is named the Atlanticum. The zoo features Arctic wildlife, both terrestrial and marine. Kunstmuseum, Pferdestall Kunst und Nutzen Atelier e. V., Theater im Fischereihafen GmbH Büro, Klimahaus Betriebsgesellschaft mbH could also be taken in.

Where to Eat:
Bremerhaven has over 150 restaurants and caters to every taste. Krohns Eck, Natusch Fischereihafen-Restaurant, Restaurant Reinhard's and Caspar, David & Co. are recommrnended. Another 170 fast food eateries are also available.

There are 14 3-4 star hotels in the city, as well as eight 2-star hotels. Most offer a package deal, so it would be well worth checking it out before deciding. As always, Bed and Breakfast set ups are available.

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